Thermal is a pure nordisch vinyl lover. Born and raised in Hamburg he learned in the very early years that there is more music to find than what you hear on the radio! Through his father and brother, he got in touch with a variety of genres and artist - listening to his monthly sets at "Thier" in Hamburg provides a taste of his eclectic selection and genre-blending style. His sets showcase the best records he can find, from Jazz to Hip Hop, Disco and Funk to Afrobeat, and then getting into House and  even Deep-House-Acid vibes. At his core, Thermal is deeply in love with disco and soul vibes. Some would even call him a love machine! 

For the last two years he has been producing his own music with his best friend. This year he will release his solo debut on Berlin Bass Collective as BBC-102 "Never saw that Mountain" EP (coming 20.04.18).