Thermal - Never Saw That Mountain (BBC-102)

Release date

April 20, 2018

Track list
  • A1 // Life Saver Pt 2 (04:59)
  • A2 // Foggy Mountain (05:22)
  • A3 // Train to Gotemba (06:25)
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Extremely deep, chill, relaxing yet funky and interesting house that integrates beautifully haunting brass horns.

Thermal was introduced to production 2 years ago and since then he has spent countless hours in his studio honing his sound. Influenced by the varied sounds in his vinyl collection, amassed over years of digging across genres from Hip Hop to Ambient, Acid, these first three tracks are made with love and care.

 While this is the debut release from Thermal, there are plenty of bangers already completed and ready to follow this release in the coming months!

 About the Tracks:

 A1) “Life Saver Pt 2”

  • Warm house chords in combination rhythmic drums that get you bouncing. Lofi vibe on this one, could easily see this being mixed into productions from TRP, DJ Seinfeld, DJ Boring, Mall Grab, or DJ Windows XP.

 A2) “Foggy Mountain”

  • Produced at the foot of Mt Fuji in Japan, the brass will take you away into a sweet dream of better times. “Reminds me to a warm beach day with my friend. Calm and without-stress.” Functions great in the first hour or as a chill-down track.

 A3) “Train to Gotemba”

  • The bassline and drums let you feel the tempo and the brass lets you clear your mind. “Like being on a train when you are moving at high speed through the countryside, but your head is free to focus.” Also super strong lofi vibes that would work well paired with tracks from the likes of Luz1e or Sweely.

Album cover by Alva Nylander