New release
June 15, 2020

Horsemen - Maudlin People (BBC-110)

Maudlin People: "tearfully sentimental people". A new EP by Horsemen inspired by the emotions felt throughout the course of one long night's adventure. Infused with trippy sometimes haunting vocals, field recordings of an out-of-tune piano found in a deserted bar, and the driving rolling drums that Horsemen have made their signature sound.

Track list
  • Horsemen - Lucid Drinks (6:05)
  • Horsemen - Feel Me (5:35)
  • Horsemen - We Found a Piano (6:41)
  • Horsemen - We Found a Piano (Henrik Villard Remix) (6:44)
Featured mixes

Horsemen - We Found a Piano (Henrik Villard Remix) OFFICIAL VIDEO by Manda Productions on EELF

"We Found a Piano (Henrik Villard Remix) from Maudlin People EP ( via EELF - Andrius keeping it real with so much support <3

video from Manda Productions (



BBC-108 // Horsemen - Early Morning Goodbye (EELF PREMIERE)

"Early Morning Goodbye" from the Just Fine EP (OUT NOW) via EELF - big ups to Andrius for the support!