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April 5, 2019

VA - Shades of House (BBC-105)

House music is all about welcoming people of all shades and walks of life together to dance together. Shades of House is a VA that showcases thirteen different producers from different countries with different takes on what a house track can sound like. The one thing these tracks all have in common is that they will all make you feel something inside and get your body moving!

  • A1 // Etur Usheo - Can't Be The Party - 05:07
  • A2 // Sentient Beings - Pie in the Sky - 06:53
  • A3 // Jakob Mäder - VIbe - 6:40
  • A4 // DJ With Soul - Something in my Soul - 06:33
  • A5 // Mystigrix - Need Somebody - 07:40
  • A6 // Boyard - It's Been A While - 07:13
  • A7 // Danny Russell & Ronald Christoph - Rolling Jazz - 07:13
  • A8 // NRVVS - Hot 4 You - 04:55
  • A9 // The Checkup & Deeleegenz - When I Feel - 08:00
  • A10 // Justin Ramsey - ZipZap - 05:00
  • A11 // Bridge Guy & Mountak - Undreamt - 06:45
  • A12 // Thermal - Lose - 05:29
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Featured House set


Mountak (@mountak) set the water floor on FIRE at Watergate in Berlin on 20.02.2019 at our SHADES party. 

Featured Disco set


One of the newest members and most versatile members of the BBC family Jakob (@jakobmaeder) repps hard for Stuttgart as a dj, producer, and live act. In this mix he integrates disco samples, edits, and rare tracks while maintaining a deeper vibe. Turn this mix on to get you motivated to get through the day or to get the vibe going at your houseparty! 

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Juli 26, 2019

House of Love

💖 House of Love is back with a new home - on the top floor of Klunkerkranich in Hinter den Alpen! 💖

Lovely lineup: So. mind // The Checkup // Elisa Elisa

House of Love is a celebration of house music in all of its forms. From deep- to disco-, lofi- to tech-, Chicago to London, and everything else with a 4/4 beat that will move your feet.

At House of Love you can sample some of the best house music from different genres and regions across the world in one party! With two rooms going at once you always have the opportunity to hear the type of house music that suits your taste. The DJs at House of Love come from around the world and have one thing in common, a deep and genuine love for house music and the desire to spread that love through music! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • so. mind
  • The Checkup
  • Elisa Elisa