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Dezember 20, 2019

Horsement - Just Fine (BBC-108)

The "Just Fine" EP is as varied musically as it is expertly put together.
The contemplative tone of the synthwork is counterbalanced by the
warmth and chunkiness of the rhythmic work here. The EP was all
mixed down to reel to reel giving the whole record that deep warm
sound that begs you to keep turning it up.

  • A1 // Horsemen - Clouds of Haze (05:54)
  • A2 // Horsemen - Early Morning Goodbye (08:07)
  • A3 // Horsemen - I am Not for this World (05:51)
  • A4 // Horsemen - Voltaire (re-master) (05:16)
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BBC-108 // Horsemen - I am Not for This World (HOUSEUM)

"I am Not for This World" from the Just Fine EP (OUT NOW) via Houseum - much love to Gregorie for the support <3

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BBC-108 // Horsemen - Early Morning Goodbye (EELF)

"Early Morning Goodbye" from the Just Fine EP (OUT NOW) via EELF - big ups to Andrius for the support!