VA - Shades of House (BBC-105)

Release date

April 5, 2019

Track list
  • A1 // Etur Usheo - Can't Be The Party (05:07)
  • A2 // Sentient Beings - Pie in the Sky (06:53)
  • A3 // Jakob Mäder - VIbe (6:40)
  • A4 // DJ With Soul - Something in my Soul (06:33)
  • A5 // Mystigrix - Need Somebody (07:40)
  • A6 // Boyard - It's Been A While (07:13)
  • A7 // Danny Russell & Ronald Christoph - Rolling Jazz (07:13)
  • A8 // NRVVS - Hot 4 You (04:55)
  • A9 // The Checkup & Deeleegenz - When I Feel (08:00)
  • A10 // Justin Ramsey - ZipZap (05:00)
  • A11 // Bridge Guy & Mountak - Undreamt (06:45)
  • A12 // Thermal - Lose (05:29)
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After a whirlwind few years BBC have firmly established themselves as one of the labels to watch in 2019. Keeping themselves busy they have been building an outrageously talented community around their nights, records and various activities in the Berlin scene. What makes them special is their unique approach to running a modern record label.

Kicking the year off we see the release of their first compilation "Shades of House", a various artists collection of 12 tracks that epitomise the sound these guys are pushing. Berlin Bass Collective have a unique energy, something special attracting a lot of talent to the fold who all have different story's to tell. They have something that's rare in the modern world, a feeling of collectivism & doing things properly, a belief that it's about the group achieving more than the sum of their parts - it is really infectious.

Joinng the gang this time round we have, Jakob Mäder, Danny Russell & Ronald, Christoph, Mystigrix, DJ With Soul, Etur Usheo, Sentient Beings, NRVVS, Boyard. This group of supremely talented producers joins regulars Justin Ramsey, Thermal, The Checkup & Deeleegenz and Bridge Guy & Mountak.

"Shades of House" is a compilation of 13 producers over 12 killers tracks, it is the BBC family portrait for 2019. Out digitally on April 5th with a vinyl EP following soon after.

"House music is all about welcoming people of all shades and walks of life together to dance together. Shades of House is a VA that showcases thirteen different producers from different countries with different takes on what a house track can sound like. The one thing these tracks all have in common is that they will all make you feel something inside and get your body moving!" Matt - Berlin Bass Collective

Album cover by Tabitha Swanson