Klustone - Infrared (BBC-113)

Release date

October 26, 2020

Track list
  • Klustone - Twelve Measures (06:10)
  • Klustone - Infrared (05:24)
  • Klustone - Sweetheart (06:21)
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The latest record from BBC is a trio of tracks that are serene as they are deep. Crystalline synth work and achingly beautiful pads set a tone for this record which makes it as good at home as it is in the club.

Infrared is a cut that feels right in the middle between Burials emotional blurr and something more defined.

Sweetheart pushes the boundaries of what a House track is, edging away from what is easily perceptible and into a warm un-reality that just draws you in.

Closing the record Twelve Measures feels like the early experimentations with tape and electronics brought bang up to date and with no little punch. Together this record offers something new, in a space where it is certainly needed.