Justin Ramsey - Red Eye (BBC-100)

Release date

March 9, 2018

Track list
  • A1 // Red Eye (Grace Mix) (06:39)
  • A2 // Blues (06:39)
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Justin Ramsey is back with a two track EP that highlights his beautiful new house sound following the success of his first release “Don’t Just Keep Me” (BBC-001 // Aug 2017). His sound truly defies labels, genres, or hashtags – the tracks are simultaneously floaty, spacey, glistening, warm and at the same time have a bounce and drive to them that gets everyone on the floor dancing. This release would function equally well at peak time transitioning the vibe into something a bit deeper or bringing some energy to the dancefloor at an afterhour as the sun rises up and the vibe is in full effect!


About the Tracks (from the Artist*):

 A1) “Red Eye” (Grace Mix)  

  • I wanted to make a track with lots harmonic elements all working together. I'm a huge fan of warm pads and lush chords in tracks and just tried to create a nice feeling of euphoria with the right amount of intensity. The inspiration came primarily from a Prophet 6 I was working with, the warm analog sound on that thing is incredible

A2) “Blues”


  • -I wanted this sort sustained big warm sound that bursts through the mix. I think these kinds of tracks are really special on the dance floor and can really create a special moment. The track is sort of unassuming in the beginning with some simple chords and chunky beat, but the breakdown really opens and I think it might surprise people. I also wanted to add in this element of switching from 4/4 into breakbeats and then back within the same track. The inspiration on this one came from just out clubbing in Berlin and noticing what kinds of tracks and moments I enjoy and the crowd seems to enjoy. I try to sometimes recreate similar energy levels or ideas in the studio

*we think Justin said it best… ;)

Album cover by Megan Archer