Sound of Berlin Bass Collective Vol 1 EP (BBC-001)

Release date

July 7, 2017

Track list
  • A1 // Brian Ring – He’s A Part-Time Playa, She’s a Full-Time Hustler (05:24)
  • A2 // Brian Ring – Second Base (06:37)
  • B1 // Bridge Guy – Thelma (04:26)
  • B2 // Bridge Guy – Living There (05:25)
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The "Sound of Berlin Bass Collective Vol 1" will introduce listeners to our label and our funky, bright vibes with 4 tracks by amazingly talented producers Brian Ring and Bridge Guy (Andrew Ashdown). The tracks reflect the bright and positive vibes of our parties and have been tested in sets on dance floors across Berlin and the UK. Original bass lines paired with raw low-fi vinyl samples from amazing obscure disco and soul sounds, these tracks function equally well on a packed dance floor or chilling at a house party.

About the Producers:

Brian Ring put in his time learning the history of house music and honing his craft through the 1990s as a DJ playing as a resident in Sir Henrys Club in his hometown of Cork, Ireland. Tapping into his immense knowledge of the disco and soul roots of house, Brian put out his debut EP "Movements" on Running Back in 2015 and since then he's been steadily at work producing and playing gigs across Europe. A resident of both the "Disco Kiez" and "House of Love" Berlin Bass Collective parties, Brian's productions embody our philosophy that good music is music that gets people moving with a smile on their face!

Bridge Guy is the newest project from versatile producer Andrew Ashdown. After studying electronic music production at Uni in Leeds he released a number of drum and bass productions on Digital Distortions, receiving praise and recognition across the scene. Building on this success, Andrew launched his own label, Surely Bassy which put out two EPs featuring break beat and bass productions that were distributed worldwide by Cargo. Between producing his own tracks, collaborating with others, and maintaining regular residencies at clubs in Leeds Andrew has over 10 years behind the decks and in the booth. At this point he is ready to launch a new project that fits with the music that is nearest and dearest to his heart, disco and soul. Bridge Guy productions are super chill, lo-fi, organic and beautiful tracks that sample and loop sultry bass lines and make you feel like you are floating in cloud of positive energy!  

About the Tracks:

A1) "He's a Part-Time Player. She's A Full-Time Hustler" - Brian Ring - A true dance floor banger that showcases Brian's disco pedigree and appreciation for a truly sick 70s drum line. Indisputably nudisco, this track features beautiful keys and vocals that raise the spirit and make you want to dance!

A2) "Second Base" - Brian Ring - House music taken into another dimension with super retro effects and bright and bouncy synths. This track works perfectly in both disco and more tech focused sets and really gets your heart racing!

B1) "Thelma" - Bridge Guy - This track instantly brings a smile to your face with its beautiful lo-fi loop, bouncy bass line, and classic snare. Arguably the perfect example of what disco house as a genre should hope to be, bright, light, airy, funky, and super positive! This track is super flexible and can be used equally well in the middle of a set or can be used to change moods to chill things down.

B2) "Living There" - Bridge Guy - More beautiful sampling and looping work from a true MPC master, this track makes you feel like you are floating in a cloud. Bright, funky, and fun and truly capturing the vibe of Berlin Bass Collective parties. This track can be used to get things going or to keep everyone in the zone in an after party setting.

Album cover by Maya Badouk Epstein


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