Kolegos - Petnat (BBC-116)

Release date

September 20, 2021

Track list
  • Kolegos - Bender (05:19)
  • Kolegos - June (06:47)
  • Kolegos - Offshore Accounts (06:01)
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80s synth tracks that work equally well in a sweaty Berlin basement or cruising along the coastline with the top down.

Berlin Bass Collective brings the Italo heat with their latest release from Kolegos. Kolegos is a collaboration between BBC regular Mountak and Genys. A heavy three-tracker featuring the vocal talents of Matas, originals all ready to rip the dancefloor in half.

Kolegos are a pair of Lithuanian producers living in Berlin. One half of the pair is a DJ called Mountak (Matas Bernotas) who remains one of the most active members of BBC. He was a resident at both our Shades nights at Watergate and House of Love at Klunkerkranich. He is extremely active in the Berlin house scene, having played nights at about blank, Prince Charles, Farbfernseher, Loftus Hall, and Crack Bellmer among others. Outside of Berlin, Mountak plays regularly at LIzdas and Opium in Lithuania Each year he plays the Supynes festival.

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