Horsemen - Maudlin People (BBC-110)

Release date

June 15, 2020

Track list
  • Horsemen - Lucid Drinks (6:05)
  • Horsemen - Feel Me (5:35)
  • Horsemen - We Found a Piano (6:41)
  • Horsemen - We Found a Piano (Henrik Villard Remix) (6:44)
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Maudlin People: "tearfully sentimental people". A new EP by Horsemen.

We start of with “Lucid Drinks”, a vague intoxicated memory of a night out, that illustrates a relationship between the main character's ego and true self, standing in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to take the girl home "the voices, banging drums, and lucid chords fill his heart".

We move on to "Feel Me", fireworks in the making. This track is the one big bundle of joy, overcoming the fear, stepping out and over. Walking forward and proudly look back one more time.

“We Found a Piano” is sensitive a expression of emotion, a feeling of "being completely broken". The piano in the track is from a field recording we made at one of our gigs on this old rusty broken-ish piano. The track carries a feeling of ease and content.

Topping it all comes a reinterpretation of “We Found Piano” from none other than Henrik Villard from Oslo. The young, talented producer from Norway recently released on Horsemen's label (TWO FIVE SIX) and dear god what a tune he has put together for this remix, such a vibe! Henrik really has that "oh I know that sound, that is....." Yes that is Henrik.