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Thanks to The Clubmap ( for the recommendation of Justin Ramsey's debut release!

The love for BBC-001 and Bridge Guy keeps coming! Check out Kaltblut Magazine's writeup of "Thelma" on the upcoming "Sound of Berlin Bass Collective" EP here: http://www.kaltblut-magazine.c...

More great feedback and positivity coming in for BBC-001 // "Sound of Berlin Bass Collective Vol. 1" from French blog "Les Chroniques de HiKo" check it out! http://les-chroniques-de-hiko....


1f60b.png Early feedback is coming in for BBC-001 // Sound of Berlin Bass Collective Vol 1 featuring tracks by Brian Ring and Bridge Guy and we couldn't be happier! 1f60b.png

1f50a.pngSeverino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) "OH YES" - 5/5 stars - favorite track: "Second Base"

1f50a.pngMarcel Dettmann  4/5 stars - favorite track: "He's a Part-Time Player.She's a Full-Time Hustler"

1f50a.pngRichie Hawtin 5/5 stars - favorite track: "Second Base"

1f50a.pngJason Kendig (Honey Soundsystem) "second base is the standout but part time player will also make for a fun workout on the dance floor." - 5/5 stars

1f50a.pngColin Perkins (SPIN FM) "Second Base is the jam!" - 5/5 stars

1f50a.pngEric Downer (Bay FM 99.9) "I'm gonna play the schnapps outta these tracks..." - 5/5 stars - favorite track: "He's a Part-Time Player.She's a Full-Time Hustler"

1f50a.pngCharlotte Cijffers (DJ Mag) "lurrvvlyyy" - 5/5 stars - favorite track: "He's a Part-Time Player.She's a Full-Time Hustler"

1f50a.pngJon Hodgson (The Abyss on Radio Cardiff 98.7FM) 5/5 stars - favorite track: "Thelma"

1f50a.pngJacques Renault (Lets Play House) 4/5 stars - favorite track: "Thelma"

1f50a.pngDeepSouthSounds (Deepvibes Radio / Fusion FM) "Cool ep Living There & Part-Time Player/Full-Time Hustler our picks" - 4/5 stars

1f60b.pngCheck out the preview cuts now and get it in on vinyl in record stores worldwide on July 7th - distribution by Lobster Theremin (Lobster Distribution)!1f60b.png