Bridge Guy - Non-polar Compounds


Dezember 7, 2018

  • A1 // Isopropyl – 05:55
  • A2 // Lone Frenchman – 06:46
  • A3 // Psilocybin – 05:46
  • B1 // Cheese on Toast – 07:19
  • B2 // Psilocybin (Jesse Bru’s Make it Right 4 U Rework) – 05:28
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Berlins premiere Bass Collective continue their march into history with yet another TKO vinyl from regular contributor Bridge Guy. His 4 originals are joined by an absolute hammer of deepness from Jesse Bru who steps up to remix Psilocybin.

About the Tracks:

 A1) “Isopropyl”

  • Deep enough for the heads but with a sound that just pulls you in.

 A2) “Lone Frenchman”

  • Rhythmic Jam. Tightening up the groove and laying the dancefloor to waste.

A3) "Psilocybin"

  • Psilocybin really pulls the bass and groove center stage, bouncey and warm and with a whole load of rhythm in the boot.

 B1) “Cheese on Toast”

  • Thick tones and a more relaxing vibe perfect for losing yourself in.

 B2) “Psilocybin (Jesse Bru’s Make it Right 4 U Rework)”

  • Jesse rings his own vocal work and really heats things up. Peak time killer.