Flash Festival

September 8, 2017 — September 10, 2017

Dodo Village, Via del Belvedere, Civitella In Val di Chiana, Province of Arezzo, Italy


Set in the Tuscan Hills, Flash Festival arrives this September to bring a creative and intimate experience of local and international artists.

Flash Festival welcomes you to the beautiful surroundings of Arezzo, Tuscany. Escape the ordinary and launch into a technicolor world of music, art, food and wine. Wander the bella vista surrounds of vineyards and olive trees and immerse yourself in a sensory experience. 

Music of indie, electronic and soul has been handpicked from around the globe and curated to embrace the Tuscan vibes. People of the world can live the dolce vita life, soak in the afternoon Tuscan sun and savour the live delights, before giving way to the late-night groove by the pool deck.

Get comfortable and immerse yourself in the local wines and Italian cocktails. Venture further to find eclectic workshops, activities and out-of-this-world performances, but not before you’ve had your fill from a feast to make even the most seasoned foodie blush. Namastay in Tuscany with yoga in the grapevines and let Nonna teach you how to make handmade pasta with a real Italian espresso macchiato. 

Flash Festival Tuscany is the end result of a lifelong dream to bring together like-minded, free-spirited party people, as well as the connoisseurs of the finer things in life. Experience it for yourself.