Jakob Mäder

Jakob Mäder is a Stuttgart based DJ and producer who also performs live. His musical interests span across genres, playing ambient, disco, house, acid, and sometimes even techno.

As a DJ he seamlessly combines styles, presenting his musical taste to the crowd while simultaneously adapting to their feedback to maintain the vibe. He’s not bound by a single genre so he has been known to throw in tracks that come as a total surprise.

His output as a producer reflects his eclectic tastes as a selector, ranging from reduced ambient to classic house and inspired deep house to experimental breakbeat productions. Because they are so much much fun, he is even up for creating a happy disco edit every now and then! 

He has played live and DJ sets in multiple venues around Germany and regularly hosts parties in Stuttgart.

He makes his BBC debut on the "Shades of House" VA (05.04.2019).