The way we work with artists, venues, and collaborators is governed by a simple principal: if you put positivity out in the world then it will come back to you. This principal has allowed us to connect with truly talented and passionate artists who share the goal of spreading good vibes and positivity through music!

These gals and guys know how to get a dance floor going and create a vibe! All DJs who work with Berlin Bass Collective are passionate and knowledgeable about the music they play and this comes through in their selections! Each DJ has a unique style that is shaped by their  background, their experiences, their tastes, and their style! Click on a DJ to learn more about them, what parties they have played, when they are playing next, and hear live sets and mixes.

Elisa Elisa
The Checkup
Etur Usheo
Marie Midori
Merve Mercury
Faisal Heimat